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Get the Best Dental Implant Treatment at Low Cost in Pune

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are mainly used to support a restoration for a missing tooth or teeth, thus helping to stop or prevent the loss of jaw bone. This procedure is categorized as a form of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry, but is also considered to be a form of cosmetic dentistry. Similar to most treatment procedures in dentistry today, dental implants are not only advanced in terms of its procedure but are also carried out extensively. Implant dentistry which is an aspect of this procedure needs expertise in planning, surgery and the restoration of tooth.

Dental Implants

During the initial step of this procedure, the surgeon surgically places a titanium screw or post in the patient's jaw. The surgeon attaches the replacement tooth to the top of the gums after they have healed around the embedded post.

Dental Implants Procedure

For determining whether the implants are appropriate for you, you initially need to consult your dentist, periodontist or prosthodontist. When you meet the professional, he will thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums and assess the bone density and quantity. This could involve taking X-rays and computer tomography scans to make sure that there is adequate bone structure for placing the implants and to know exactly where the implant needs to be placed. Your dentist will advise you the correct dental implant treatment plan only after assessing your oral hygiene and personal habits, the condition of your oral tissues and finally your commitment to follow aftercare instructions. Some patients having inadequate bone or gum tissue need bone or soft tissue grafts or the use of small diameter implants.

Dental Implants Treatment

After assessing your situation, the dental professional will advise you about the time that would be needed, the number of appointments necessary and what you can expect after each procedure. When you interact with the surgeon, you can also know the options for local anesthesia and sedation dentistry, if necessary. Dental implants in Pune which is carried out to replace the missing teeth can be performed any time after adolescence or when the bone growth is complete. If the patient is suffering from certain medical conditions such as cancer or periodontal disease and diabetes might require additional treatment before the implant procedure can be performed.

Cost for Dental Implants

Similar to several surgical procedures, the fees for this procedure will differ from doctor to doctor. Each individual dentist carrying out this procedure will be able to quote you his fees. Always remember that there are three components to a tooth being reinstated by an implant dentist and there is individual fee structure for each component:

  • First, the cost comprises of the implant surgical procedure itself
  • Second, there is the cost of the post also known as abutment, which is placed on the healed implant
  • Finally, there is the cost of the crown, which is the tooth placed on top of the post

Apart from this there will some other costs as well which might be added later.


The recovery from this procedure depends on several factors, one of which includes the several procedures needed to complete your treatment. However, it's usually noticed that once an implant has been placed, the patient needs to maintain meticulous oral hygiene habits for ensuring appropriate fusing of the implant and bone structure. If the patient takes proper care then an implant restoration can remain intact in place for more than 40 years. After the initial surgical procedure is completed, discomfort must be minimal. The patient's face and gums can tend to swell as well as there could be minor bleeding and bruising at the site of the implant. Your dentist would prescribe pain medications to relieve any pain or discomfort you feel after the procedure.

The time required from healing the surgical procedure to place the implants takes up to 6 months, whereas fitting and seating of the crown can take up to two months. This timeframe again depends on individual cases and treatments. You need to follow up with your dentist to monitor the progress. If you want to undergo this procedure then there is no better place than Dr. Pharande's clinic in Pune where you are assured of the highest quality of service at affordable price.