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Get the Dental Treatment

A beautiful smile dramatically improves a person's self-image and boosts confidence. They feel better and smile more often.

A beautiful smile is not possible without healthy teeth. We at Dr. Pharande's Orthodontic & Dental Clinic understand the importance of a healthy dentition, not only to make a beautiful smile, but also to maintain the overall health of a person. Our approach in treating various dental problems is a comprehensive or holistic one, and not just cosmetic. We believe in long-term dental health, and not just short-term cosmetic touch-ups. For the same reason we value basic dental-care procedures as much as advanced cosmetic ones, devoting equal attention and efforts to everything we do.

As a best dentist in Pune, We provide all kinds of dental treatments from regular dental-care to advanced cosmetic and implant dentistry including:

  •  Cleaning and polishing of teeth
  •  Preventive and Pediatric dentistry
  •  Silver amalgam / tooth coloured Composite Restorations
  •  Root Canal Treatment – single sitting root canal
  •  Crowns – metal, ceramic, all-ceramic crowns
  •  Bridge
  •  Veneers/ Laminates
  •  Inlays & Onlays
  •  Extractions, surgical extractions of impacted teeth
  •  Complete/ partial Dentures, implant supported dentures
  •  Treatment for all Gum/Periodontal problems
  •  Implants
  •  Full mouth rehabilitation